You had asked about the band we had at Sarah’s reception at Garten Verein. 5th Avenue Band is Bill’s wedding/event band. I was thoroughly pleased with every aspect of 5th Avenue Band. As a bit of perspective, I was raised by a Southern Baptist career music minister. My mother was a concert pianist, I have been in a few bands myself, and I have managed sound at medium-large events for several years now. I have seen Bill’s 5th Avenue Band perform four times, and each time has been wonderful. 5th Avenue Band is the only Houston band I would hire for my daughter’s wedding. While their music and sound management is nearly flawless at each show, the thing that really set 5th Avenue apart for me was their love for my daughter, and our guests at the reception. Any good band leader can get their customer to approve a setlist of songs. But Bill and 5th Avenue did much more than that. Bill spent time getting to know my daughter and her fiancée in person, making them feel comfortable, relating to them, and using his experience to make good suggestions. When my daughter asked for a new song to be performed in an unplugged, acoustic style, Bill and his back-up singers obviously put their hearts into it. When they performed it at the reception, half the guests were crying.

Their band has been together for many years, and they have a real chemistry on stage. The sound system 5th Avenue uses is top quality; QSC, Sennheiser, etc., and their musicians are true professionals. But this weekend, the thing that most impressed me was how he incorporated my daughter’s dream of getting up on stage and singing “We Are Family” with her sisters. Every single person in Bill’s band helped make that a life-long memory for my family. The horn section helped me get my guitar and amp running so I could join mid-song (I had inadvertently unplugged my speaker cabinet!). Bill and the bass player helped me get in sync, and covered my mistakes. The lady vocalists help my daughters through the verses and made my wife and sons-in-law feel comfortable getting up on stage to dance along. What other folks could not see is the extra work that Bill’s sound engineer did to set up my guitar and amp before the gig even started, and then blending me in with Bill as I got on my feet. All the guests were dancing, singing or videoing with cell phones. The few who had headed to their cars, turned around and re-joined the party!

I knew 5th Avenue was the only band I wanted for my daughter’s reception. But truly, after the reception, I realized that 5th Avenue had created a life-long family memory. All the family is talking about it.


Wow!!! 5th Ave was awesome and more than met our expectations. We couldn’t have selected a more perfect band for our daughter’s wedding. She wanted a great dance band and that’s what we got and more. From the Bride & Grooms 1st dance, which the band learned the song for their wedding, to the 2nd line dance at the end, the dance floor was packed the whole night. Talking with everyone the next morning about the wedding, the conversation always ended “and that band was awesome, how did you find them”. To think we only listened to them on You Tube and their website. Please forward this to them and thank them so so much. Would love to have their schedule.


People are STILL raving about how wonderful Fifth Avenue was on Saturday night. You did an amazing job and had everyone up and dancing. Thank you soooooo much for everything!

If you ever need a reference, please let me know!